I’m Tom Sloan; welcome to my website. Here you will find copies of various documents which may be resourceful to you, including: My legislative newsletters, brief outlines of issues on which I work, summaries of the Legislature’s actions that I annually prepare and distribute both online and through the Lawrence Journal World, and media releases detailing some of my actions on behalf of our community and state.

I am serving my eleventh term in the Kansas House of Representatives. Currently, I am Vice-Chairman of the Vision 2020 committee – the Legislature’s long-range planning committee – and a sitting member of the Transportation Committee, as well as the Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee. Additionally, I serve as a leader on a number of professional association task forces and federal advisory committees. My goal in each case is to bring the best practices back to Kansas, to educate my state and federal colleagues on our approaches to solving problems here in the Sunflower State, and to build a better future for ourselves and future generations by way of compromise.

As a candidate, I walk door-to-door meeting voters and asking about issues that you, my fellow Kansans, wish to discuss. It is my firm belief that every voter deserves the opportunity to meet and talk with the person requesting of them their votes.

My parents have always taught me to be respectful to everyone and to face adversities with understanding and compromise. At a young age I learned that the primary role of government is to help those least able to do so for themselves, whether they be the young, the infirm, or the elderly. I was taught that it is the government’s duty to provide services to its citizens that we cannot reasonably provide for ourselves – roads, public safety, water and food supply safety - and that government should ensure educational opportunities for all. With those ideals in mind, I, with the help of my voters, continue to hold myself accountable so that we may make the progress necessary for a better Kansas.

I deeply appreciate your consideration of my public service record and commitment to Lawrence and Kansas. You can contact me via my state email address at tom.sloan@house.ks.gov, my personal email address at tom@tomsloan.org, or by writing me at the State Capitol, Topeka, KS 66612. Whether you want to touch base with me about my voting record or chat about what’s going on in the Legislature, I would love to hear from you.